Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring, Aeros and giant toothpicks

It already smells like spring and we finally had some nice flyable days. Two weeks ago I made my first flight this year. I was up there for an hour and a half, but my camera was not working the whole time, because I still didn’t delete the SD card from skiing.

Anyhow, Aeros winter race is coming and I decided to write a little about it. I am really happy I can be in the organization from the very beginning. We are always doing our best and I have to say it is a lot of fun and also hard work.
We were discussing about weather and we were happy to pick up the first date. Then Aeros asked to take the second dates. I was a little sad about it. Because also me and Matjaz Valjavec- the IT have to take vacations for this competition. Ivan is the first year in pension. 

But Aeros is organizing it, so it has all right to change the date on a reserve date if they want to.  Their reason … well, I didn t like it, but the reason could also be that the fortune cookie, or the Miki Mouse told them it is better to have it on the second days...
As it was known that there is 30,00eur to prepay so it was known the second date option could be on.
It was the first year we applied the prepay, because previous years many of the first 50 applied pilots  didn t come.

The competition starts on 18th. I hope we will be able to make it fun and safe. 
Everything is good for something. For me, it was good to be at home last week, because I could help someone I love very much to go to the hospital.

I hope passions come down and no Bora wind to Ukraine. They do not need a weather disasters; they already have enough political issues. I believe we should all be grateful we can have this competition.

From the frost most of the forest is down, spectacular to see when flying over, driving threw or walking in. It is like flying over giant toothpicks. 

I hope to see you in beautiful Vipava valley. 

Flying at Kovk. Vipava

Giant toothpicks

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cloud surfing

Isn´t it just the best when you can go flying in the middle of the week or on the working day? Last Thursday we were making schnaps or brandy or liquor or vodka, so many names for a simple fruit distillation, and I was being careful not to drink too much, because next day it was a flying one. I forgot about time and went to sleep at 4am, but I didn’t have any problems waking up. On the launch were quite a lot of people for a working day…
I launched around 1pm. Cloud base was low. I went to the end of the broken mountain, where usually the thermal is. I climbed up and flew to the end of the ridge where you could jump to another ridge called Čaven. I saw many pilots trying to cross and decided to go back to the broken mountain. I started to thermal when suddenly my vario went crazy. Thermal threw me up and at the same moment a cloud came and fastly slide under me. First I was a little scared, I didn’t know what is going on, and then I was totally happy when I realized I am flying above the cloud. This was one of the best flying experiences ever. I was so happy I wanted to cry and laugh and sing. I went back to the pilots that tried to come over to Čaven Mountain then I tried to get another cloud. When I was tired I decided to go to land. Singing on the way down I knew I must be the happiest person on the planet. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Building a ramp on Šmarna gora

Šmarna gora is a small mountain in the middle of Ljubljana basin. It is one of historical, recreational and touristic point in the capital. Šmarna gora is very special place for me. I live under it and I was working in the restaurant on the top for many years. Sometimes, early in the morning, when I had  lighted a fire in an old bread oven, cooked the tea, I sit on the ramp looking at foggy Ljubljana and I was waiting for the first guests to come up. When I was working there flights with gliders were already forbidden because of the airport. But my father, his two brothers and friends made many jumps with rogallo gliders before I was born. Hang gliding has began on this mountain, which is why my club decided to rebuild the ramp.
We met on Saturday and started working. Even though it is forbidden to jump because of CTR I hope we will make an agreement with airport for a jump in a near future. 
My father in the air with his rogallo glider.

The first ramp
Putting down the old ramp

This was written on the old foundation

Building a new one

Tratrat tra traaaaaaaaaaa 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to reality

Competition was over and I stepped on the podium for the first time. Funny, the first competition and the first podium… We need more girls in this sport. It was a little bitter second place, since overall I was the last. But anyhow I got a beautiful trophy and I had a chance to spend some great time with nice people. The “not too much deserved trophy” will remind me on the fun we had. 

Second task I didn’t have balls :) to launch on the east side of Kobala. For hang gliders that is not the easiest launch. I already had lots of troubles there, so I was waiting for the wind to turn long after start gate was already closed. Burned from the sun and tired I packed my glider and went down with some hang gliding pilots that also decided not to launch. Cool Soca River, good company and some great culinary helped me forget non flying experience faster. 
Next week paragliding competition German Open starts, that means jellies will occupate sky and landings. I wish them a nice competition and lots of fun in this magic valley.

:) one day I will fly like Julia :) Congratulation again.

In the morning at Soča River

I left my camera to Petra and Herman and they made this photo. Cool a?
Trophies for Kobala open 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My first competition

Looks like I am flying my first competition. Maybe it looks more like chicken flying without the head, but at least I am doing it. I had a nice flight yesterday. It was bumpy so I had to work a lot. I decided that I don t take my camera and later I was sorry because it was a special flight. From girls there is also Julia Burlachenko at this competition and she is flying well. Even with twisted ankle she made to goal yesterday. She said she made it because she was too scared to land… :) She is really sweet.
On the landing we had few beers and then we went to eat at Iztok Jarc family. Thank God his wife Brigita made too much. I was already very hungry and too lazy to prepare something. So we stayed at their new but old caravan and talked. Very late we decided to go to the reggae festival and we stayed there until they were playing music. Now I am resting at the headquarters, looking at the clouds passing by and the sun that is trying to come out after the storm. I am just laying here on the ground and I am enjoying my little hangover. Jurgen is on the way to Tolmin and I am simply happy to be here.